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Best Halloween sales

2023's Best Halloween Sales: Costumes, Food, and Decorations

Halloween is the spookiest night of the year, when ghouls, ghosts and zombies (or at least kids dressed as them) wander the streets, terrorizing the neighborhood and demanding a candy sacrifice from every house. But it’s also a night when you can be whatever you want to be, whether witch or wizard, angel or devil. To do that you’ll need a killer costume and a fully decked-out house, and unless you want to spend an arm and a leg on that, you’ll want to check out the Halloween sales.

The Halloween sales usually kick off at the beginning of October, lasting until the 31st itself, although it’s worth knowing that some of the best offers are often available at the beginning of the month. Then, shortly after Halloween come the after Halloween sales, which, if you’re savvy, are the perfect time to buy next year’s costume. Whichever sale you choose though, we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up the best of both of them.

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The best Halloween costumes sales of 2023

Costumes are definitely the most fun part of Halloween, both for kids and adults. But, they can be a little on the pricey side, especially if you’ve left it to the last minute. Never fear, though – there are plenty of great Halloween costume sales out there.

The best places to find Halloween costumes for kids

Halloween costumes for kids are usually between $20 and $50. And, typically, you’ll be able to find a costume for whatever they want to dress up as, with available kids Halloween costumes ranging from Spiderman and Smurf outfits through pirate costumes to Disney princess dresses and tiaras. The best places to buy are:

  • JCPenney: where you can get 20% off selected boys and girls costumes in the Halloween sale.

  • Macy’s: who are offering 40% off kids Halloween PJs as well as free shipping on items above $25. Party City: which has 15% off some Frozen costumes, with more Halloween deals to come.

The best places to find Halloween costume sales for women

No matter whether you’re heading to a sexy Halloween party or you’re going out trick or treating with the kids, there are plenty of places to pick up a woman’s Halloween costume for a little bit less (at some stores prices start as low as $5). Some of our favorite options include:

  • ASOS: who offer Halloween accessories and makeup for as little as $8.

  • Aliexpress: where you can grab a Little Mermaid costume for just $5 as part of their Halloween sale. Kendra Scott: who have offered up to 40% off sitewide in previous Halloween sales.

The best places to find Halloween costume sales for men

Men’s Halloween costumes have really taken off in a big way in recent years, with the selection growing from just a couple of tired old outfits to a whole collection of superhero, Dr. Seuss and Disney character costumes. The best men’s Halloween costume sales are at:

  • Oriental Trading: who have up to 50% off their whole Halloween costume range.

  • AliExpress: where men’s Halloween costumes start at just $8, with up to 50% off selected Halloween costumes. And, they’ve got loads of killer Halloween wigs on sale.

  • Romwe: who have a whole range of Halloween tees, sweatshirts and shirts starting at $8.95, with 20% off selected styles.

The best Halloween decoration sales of 2023

No matter whether you’re having a spooky Halloween party or just want to frighten the trick or treaters, decking out your house for Halloween is a bona fide tradition. And, if you go to the right place – and shop in the right Halloween decorations sales – then you need not fear the price, either.

2023’s best DIY Halloween decoration promo code

Another option is to make your very own Halloween decorations – and, if you’ve got kids, this is a superb idea to keep them entertained in the run up to the 31 October. Happily, there are often great DIY Halloween decoration promo codes available over October to make that home project a little cheaper. Our favorites include:

  • Ashley Furniture: Currently, they are offering up to 55% off Halloween decorations as part of their fall sale. 

  • Oriental Trading: who sometimes have a promo code offering 50% off fall crafts, including Halloween kits.

  • eBay: have been known to have 10%, or even 20% off, their entire Halloween range at points through October – perfect for picking up craft kits.

The best outdoor Halloween decoration discounts of 2023

If you’re looking to cover your home in spooky Halloween glamor, then inflatable decorations aren’t your only option. In fact, you can pick up everything from a 5ft. animated haunted hearse to a grim reaper tombstone. The best places to go for the biggest outdoor Halloween decor sales are:

  • Lowe’s: who have been known to offer 50% off all outdoor decorations on the 30th and 31st October.

  • Home Depot: which often knocks 50% off outdoor Halloween décor in the days just before the 31st.

  • Ashley Furniture: where you can already grab discounts of as much as $100 in their outdoor Halloween decoration sale.

Where to find inflatable Halloween decorations on sale

Nothing shows you mean business on Halloween like a massive inflatable pumpkin parked on the lawn. And, frankly, why stop there, when there are spooky inflatable trees, ghouls and even caravans out there? Our favorite inflatable Halloween decoration sales are at:

  • Home Depot: where you can pick up a 12ft. Grim Reaper for just $99, down from $130, with free delivery on all inflatable decorations.

  • Macy’s: who have huge reductions on inflatable decorations, with $80 off a 7ft inflatable haunted tree and a $110 reduction on their inflatable shaking grim reaper.

  • Lowe’s: whose inflatable Halloween decorations are a steal, with whole inflatable trees available for less than $100.

The best Halloween food and candy deals of 2023

Last but not least, Halloween is a great time for picking up a good deal on food. No matter if you’re looking for Halloween candy deals for trick or treaters or some Halloween restaurant specials, there’ll be an offer somewhere to make it that bit more affordable. This year, we expect the best deals to be at:

  • Walmart: last year, Walmart took 70% off in their Halloween candy sale.

  • Freshdirect: which sells a huge range of Halloween cookies and other sweet treats.

  • Postmates: which offers customers a special ‘Spooktakular Treat’ with each order on Halloween itself!

  • Oriental Trading: where you can grab 36 candy bags for just $5.

Other deals to look out for in the 2023 Halloween sales

As a special trick or treat to all of us bargain hunters, some stores that don’t even sell Halloween products put on a sale to mark the holiday. Whether you’re looking for some new jewelry, new homewear, tools or even a new party outfit, the Halloween sales have it all. The best ones are usually at: 

  • Forever 21: where you can pick up black party outfits for as little as 30% of their normal price.

  • Newegg: who in previous years have had Halloween deals on everything from stud detectors to breadmakers.

  • Kendra Scott: usually, you can get anywhere between 20 and 40% off sitewide in the Kendra Scott Halloween sale.

Where to go for the best after Halloween sales

Now, if you’re really savvy, then you won’t buy your Halloween kit just before this Halloween. Instead, you’ll head onto the big Halloween stores’ websites in the days immediately after Halloween, when the Halloween clearance sales kick off. There, you can pick up everything for next year. Sales at this point (on literally everything), typically offer as much as 75% off. Our favorites are:

  • Home Depot: in previous years, the Home Depot Halloween clearance sale has given customers 50-75% off every Halloween item.

  • Party City: where the Halloween clearance sale also offers 75% off everything from crafts to costumes.

  • Lowe’s: again, you’re looking at 75% off all Halloween stock.