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Recently Expired Groupon Coupons & Promotion Codes

Sometimes these Groupon coupons can still work after they expire.

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Top Groupon Online Deals & Discount Codes for October 2022


Groupon coupon criteria

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Save 20% off with this Coupon

Valid until further notice


Try this Groupon Offer for 75% off Activities, Beauty, Apparel & More

Valid until further notice


Groupon Coupon: $30 off Massages

Valid until further notice


Save 25% off Student Discount with this Coupon



Get 20% off Select Local Deals at Groupon

Valid until further notice


Groupon Coupon: 10% off Everything



Redeem this Code from Groupon: Up to 20% off

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Groupon Promo Code: Up to 65% off

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Groupon Promo Code: Up to 70% off with Newsletter Sign-Up



Up to 25% off Groupon Select Membership at Groupon


Useful tips and information

Groupon Deal


Groupon Discounts Availability
Discount TypeAvailabilityDiscount Amount
Free shippingDependent on product
Military discount- 
Student discount25% off with Student Select
Newsletter coupon10-25% off
Seasonal salesUp to 50% off
Rewards members discount10-25% off
Referral program$10 in Groupon Bucks
New customer coupons10-20% off
App savings- 
Social media promo codesFor the best deals

How to apply your Groupon promo code

To activate your Groupon promo code, follow these simple instructions:

  • Choose your deal on the Groupon website.

  • Copy the best Groupon coupon code applicable to your product or service.

  • Check your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

  • Paste your Groupon promo code under “Order Summary” and click “Apply.”

  • Your Groupon discount code will be applied to your order.

Questions to ask if your coupon code isn’t working

  • Groupon promo codes are case sensitive, have you copied it correctly?

  • Has your Groupon discount code expired?

  • Read the fine print on your Groupon product. Does the seller accept Groupon promo codes?

  • Are you using the Groupon promo code for the right department?

What to do if you can’t find a promo code online

  • See if any expired Groupon promo codes found online are still working.

  • Register for The Daily Beast coupon newsletter for the latest Groupon promo codes and more.

  • Find promo codes for similar stores to save money on your product or service.

Stacking coupons

Groupon offers heavily discounted products and services, so you can only use one Groupon promo code at a time.

Printable coupons

You cannot print Groupon coupons. All offers are available for use online.

The best Groupon online deals and offers

Free delivery conditions

Groupon free delivery is available on qualifying orders with certain products and services. This is at the third party’s discretion.

Student discount offers

By signing up to Student Select, you will be eligible for an extra 25% off. No automatic Groupon student discounts are available without becoming a member.

Newsletter coupon

Upon signing up for the Groupon newsletter, you’ll receive a Groupon coupon for use on your first purchase. This coupon can be up to 20% off.

Seasonal sales

Groupon holds seasonal sales throughout the year. Keep an eye on upcoming sales to know when to purchase your product or service. During the following sales, you may receive a discount of up to 50% on selected services:

  • Memorial Day sale: Groupon’s Memorial Day sale offers major discounts on certain items. You can regularly claim discounts of up to 50%, or even 70% on some selected items.

  • Black Friday sale: The Groupon Black Friday sale includes coupons and promo codes to give you an extra 50% off the Groupon price for certain services. This can include salons, spas, and travel.

  • Boxing Day sale: In certain countries, the Groupon Boxing Day sale offers additional discounts of up to 50% on qualifying goods and services. Sales are within certain departments, such as travel and beauty.

  • Frenzy sale: The Groupon Frenzy sale includes up to 50% off travel packages, meaning you could save up to 80% on your trip.

  • Permanent sale section: Groupon offers discounted goods and services year-round, so there’s no need to wait for a sale. Just click on “Popular Things Nearby” for the best deals in your local area.

Signing up for the rewards program

When you become a member of Groupon Select for $4.99 a month, you’ll receive benefits such as an extra 25% off local deals. Groupon Selects members also save up to 15% on goods, and 10% on travel and event tickets.

Referral program

Refer a friend, and if they make a purchase within 72 hours, you’ll receive $10 in Groupon Bucks.

New customer coupons

New customers are often eligible for special deals of an extra 10-20% off their first purchase with Groupon.

Accepted payment methods

When it comes to Groupon payment methods, you have plenty of options. Pay for your Groupon with most major credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or PayPal.

Purchasing gift cards

You can send a physical or digital Groupon gift card through the Groupon website. Charge the card with up to $200 to send a gift anyone would appreciate. You can buy multiple gift cards at a time, but there is a maximum spend of $500 on gift cards per transaction.

App savings opportunities

By using the Groupon app, you’ll be able to see when the price is lowered on a product or service you have previously viewed. You’ll also be able to easily search for the best Groupon deals in your local area and find the best promotions.

Social media promo codes

Groupon advertises its best and most popular deals on social media. To keep up with the latest offers, follow Groupon on Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow your local Groupon to see the offers most relevant to you and save up to 80% on your next Groupon experience.