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The Best Columbus Day Sales and Shopping Guide

Columbus Day, or Indigenous People’s Day, presents another excellent opportunity for Americans to shop ‘til they drop! This event is often overlooked, or rather overshadowed, as it’s sandwiched between the Labor Day sales and the Black Friday sales. So why shop the Columbus Day sales when there will be even more deals next month? Because there are specific and different items that go on sale during these different parts of the year! If you don’t know where to start with your Columbus Day 2024 shopping, keep reading for our Columbus Day weekend shopping guide! 


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When can we expect Columbus Day 2024 sales to begin? 

As Columbus Day falls on Monday, October 9th this year, we expect sales to start as early as Friday the 6th! This means there will be a whole weekend of deals and discounts at some of your favorite retailers.


What are the best products to buy during the Columbus Day sales? 

With Black Friday looming around the corner, it’s important to make sure you plan your Columbus Day weekend purchases wisely. Columbus Day marks the true end of summer, meaning that retailers are looking to make some last-chance sales on summer items. The best Columbus Day deals in the past have been on products such as beauty and skincare, shoes, home decor, and furniture. During the Columbus Day sales, you’ll want to avoid shopping for electronics, appliances, and winter apparel. Hold off on purchasing these types of products until the holiday season. 


Where can I get the best deals on skincare and beauty products during Columbus Day 2024? 

Columbus Day weekend is an excellent time to shop for beauty and skincare products. Many of the beauty brands will be transitioning into their fall and winter collections, forcing them to mark down their prices on their summer 2024 collections. If you’re on the hunt for beauty deals this fall, here are the shops you’ll want to check out: 

  • Sephora: If you’re a beauty lover, you know that Sephora is the one-stop shop for anything cosmetics, skincare, haircare, fragrance, and more. While the shop hosts multiple sales events throughout the year, they do not have a set Columbus Day sale. However, many brands carried by Sephora, including Urban Decay and Benefit, will be discounted during this weekend. Don’t miss out on this chance to save on brand new beauty products! 

  • Macy’s: Macy’s beauty department is definitely one to keep your eyes on during Columbus Day weekend. While Macy’s does in fact have a set Columbus Day sales event, the discounts advertised are mostly for men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. However, check out their beauty department for brands like Marc Jacobs, OLEHENRIKSEN, and Urban Decay for any special end-of-season deals! 


Where can I find the best Columbus Day shoe deals? 

Shoes are another great product to save on during Columbus Day weekend. You’ll want to look out for summer styles that retailers are looking to sell the last of before the winter weather rolls in. Keep an eye out for sandals and sneakers during this event. The best places to save on shoes are: 

  • Adidas: As we all know, adidas carries some of the hottest sneakers around! Last year during Columbus Day, adidas offered 30% off orders with their special Columbus Day promo code. Stay tuned for this year’s deals! 

  • Fanatics: If you’re a sports fan, you know that Fanatics always has amazing deals on fan gear, such as t-shirts, jerseys, and even shoes! Last year, you could shop for footwear with your favorite team’s logo on them, for just $130. We can’t wait to see what they have to offer this year! 


Where can I get great deals on home decor and furniture during Columbus Day weekend? 

Looking to spruce up your home before inviting the family over for the holidays? Columbus Day weekend is the best chance to score stylish home decor, furniture, and even bedding at great prices before Thanksgiving. If you’re searching for some trendy wall decorations, a new sofa, or even just a few vases for fresh flowers, here are the sales you won’t want to miss. 

  • Kohl’s: Kohl’s home department carries everything from small appliances to decor. Last year during Columbus Day, Kohl’s ran a week-long online home sale. Hopefully, they offer some similar deals this year! 

  • Ashley Furniture: Last year, Ashley Furniture hosted a Columbus Day sale, offering discounts on furniture for every room in your home! 

  • Wayfair: As we all know, Wayfair offers furniture and home decor at reasonable prices year-round. During Columbus Day, Wayfair has their “Head-Start Holiday Sale,” during which last year, they offered 60% off select items!