The Best of the Back to School Sales

Kids are expensive. Kids at school, tearing around the playground with their buddies, throwing their pencils at each other and spilling lunch on their notebooks, are even more expensive. That can make the end of summer, when it's time to buy new school supplies, school clothes and school shoes, a painful time for every parent's wallet. 

Happily, to make this financially tricky time a little easier, this is also the period when the back to school sales happen. Retailers across the US slash prices on all the kit your kids need, from backpacks to stationary, and everything in between. To save you time (and money) we've rounded up the best of the back to school sales.

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1) The best school clothes sales 

Sometimes we wonder what our kids are doing with their clothes they get through them so fast. Are they eating them? Using them as material in their Arts and Crafts projects at school? And don't even get us started on how fast they grow out of them. Whatever it is, it means sales - where you can pick an absolute haul for less money - are extra important for parents out there, especially in the run up to the new school year. The back to school sales have got you covered, with a whole host of clothing stores offering everything your kids could need, at good prices too. Our favorite back to school clothing sales are at: 

2) The best back to school sales on shoes 

Your kids are also going to need a new pair of shoes for heading back to school, and those shoes are going to need to be three things: comfy, versatile, and - probably most importantly - durable. None of us want to end up being a second pair of school shoes a month in when that nice-looking but flimsy pair of sneakers begins to fall apart. If your kid's school demands a smarter pair of shoes made of leather, for example, then Shoe Carnival have a really good back to school sale. If a pair of comfy, high-quality sneakers will do, then you could do a lot worse than heading over to check out old favorites like Nike, adidas or Foot Locker.

3) The best school supplies sales 

Something that it's really worth stocking up in the back to school sales, because of the level of savings you can get if nothing else, is school supplies. A lot of the back to school school supplies sales have what can only be described as colossal savings, with up to 80% taken off products like pens, pencils, notebooks and other stationary. Yep, 80% - and on big bulk sets, too. The best places to go (unsurprisingly) are: 

4) The best back to school laptop sales 

The back to school sales are also a great opportunity to pick up a new laptop for your kids. Obviously, considering kids' ability to spill soda and other sugary substances on computers and laptops, you might not want to get them the most expensive MacBook, but there are plenty of mid-priced but high quality laptops you can get instead. Better yet, many of those are available at a reduced price in the back to school sales. The best sales are at HP, who put a lot of their range on offer from back to school, and Best Buy. 

5) The best back to school backpack sales

Finally, your kids are going to need something to carry all this stuff in - and what better than a backpack? Supportive, good for the back, and hard to break, they are the perfect school bag. Happily, there are also plenty of back to school backpack sales. Some of the best are: