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The Best of the Back to School Sales

Many parents have been faced with the challenge of guiding their children through distance learning amidst COVID and have had to purchase tons of at-home school supplies. This back-to-school season, most school-aged children are returning to normal school life. The end of summer is always a painful time for every parent's wallet. From notebooks to clothes to electronics, every parent knows that back-to-school season is a pricey one! However, to every parents' delight, the various back-to-school sales make navigating this financially tricky time a whole lot easier. Every year, retailers across the US slash prices on all the supplies your kids need, from backpacks and laptops to stationary and crayons. Whether you're shopping for 5th-grade school supplies, or a new laptop for your college freshman, send your kids off to their first day of school fully prepared with our round-up of the best of the back-to-school sales!

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1) The best 2024 back to school clothes sales 

Sometimes we wonder what our kids are doing with their clothes that makes them go through them so quickly. Are they eating them? Using them as material in their Arts and Crafts projects at school? And don't even get us started on how fast they grow out of them. Whatever it is, it means sales - where you can pick an absolute haul for less money - are extra important for parents, especially in the run-up to the new school year. The back-to-school sales have got you covered, with a whole host of clothing stores offering everything your kids could need, at great prices too. Our favorite back to school clothing sales are at: 

  • Old Navy- Old Navy, a store for the whole family that will always have great deals! Right now there is a sitewide sale where you can get up to 20% off your order. Check back here for more coupon codes to help you save even more during back to school season. 

  • Nordstrom- Another great clothing store to get high-quality clothes to start the school year off right! Right now, you can get $20 off your first order of $150 or more on their mobile app. You'll find deals like this and better during their back-to-school sales! 

  • Walmart- Known for their amazing prices all year round, it's no surprise that Walmart hosts an iconic back-to-school sale. Shop kids' clothing and get free delivery on orders $35 or more

2) The best back to school shoe deals 2024

Your kids are also going to need a new pair of shoes for heading back to school, and those shoes are going to need to be three things: comfy, versatile, and, most importantly, durable. None of us want to end up buying a second pair of school shoes a month in when that nice-looking but flimsy pair of sneakers begins to fall apart. If your kid's school demands a smarter pair of shoes made of leather, for example, then Shoe Carnival has a really good back-to-school sale. If a pair of comfy, high-quality sneakers will do, then you could do a lot worse than heading over to check out old favorites like Nike, adidas, or Foot Locker.

  • Foot Locker- This shop has every brand of sneakers you could dream of and great deals too! When you sign up for Foot Locker text alerts, you can get 20% off your order of $99 or more! Foot Locker will surely have some great back to school deals you won't want to miss! 

  • adidas- If your child loves keeping up with the latest fashion trends, you'll definitely need to check out the adidas back to school deals. With some of the most stylish shoes and a 20% student discount, both you and your kid will be satisfied with your purchase! 

  • Nike- For a great pair of classic sneakers, everyone knows Nike is the place to go. And the perfect place for back to school shopping, since students get a 10% discount! Check back here for our Nike back to school promo codes! 

  • Shoe Carnival- A great shop for shoes with excellent discounts, Shoe Carnival is the perfect place for back-to-school shoe shopping. Right now, you can get $10 off their back to school items when you spend a minimum of $74.98 and use our coupon! 

3) The best school supplies sales for back to school season 2024

Something that is worth stocking up on during the back-to-school sales is school supplies. Many back-to-school school supplies sales offer colossal savings, with up to 80% taken off products like pens, pencils, notebooks, and other stationery. Yep, 80% - and on big bulk sets, too! The best places to go to check off every item on your student's school supply list are: 

  • Staples- Staples always offers great deals and rewards for their customers and is always sure to have a school supplies sale towards the end of summer. Stay tuned for this year's Staples back-to-school school supply discounts!

  • Office Depot- Another huge player in the school supplies game, Office Depot's back-to-school sale is one you won't want to miss! Office Depot is offering up to 55% off school supplies this year, so don't miss out! 

4) The best back to school laptop deals 2024

The back-to-school sales are also a great opportunity to pick up a new laptop for your kids. Obviously, considering kids' ability to spill soda and other sugary substances on computers and laptops, you might not want to get them the most expensive Apple laptop, but there are plenty of mid-priced, high-quality laptop alternatives. Better yet, many of those are available at a reduced price in back-to-school sales. The best sales are at the following stores. 

  • HP- HP has some great electronics at even better prices. If you're looking for a new laptop for the new school year, check out HP's back-to-school deals! 

  • Dell- Dell offers high-quality laptops at low prices, perfect for students! The Dell back-to-school sale is the perfect time to find deals on laptops and printers to start the school year off right! For their back to school sale, Dell is offering up to $200 off select monitors, laptops, and other electronics, so don't miss out! 

  • Best Buy- Another tech giant that frequently has great deals, Best Buy is the perfect place to purchase your student's next laptop! Right now, students can get up to $200 off select tech products with Best Buy's student deals! 

5) The best back to school backpack sales

Finally, your kids are going to need something to carry all this new stuff in - and what better than a stylish backpack? Supportive, good for the back, and hard to break, they are the perfect bag for students. Luckily, there are also plenty of back-to-school backpack sales. Find some of the best backpacks at: 

  • Macy's- Macy's is the perfect store for the whole family, and great for back to school shopping! Macy's always has great deals, like right now you can get 25% off when you sign up for the Macy's newsletter. There will surely be some even better deals like this during their back-to-school sales, so come back here for more Macy's coupons and promo codes! 

  • Target- Another shop filled with great savings and excellent products, Target is a great choice for back to school shopping. Always stocked with updated styles, you're sure to find a backpack your child loves! You can currently get 20% off sitewide on the Target website! 

6) Take advantage of your state's tax-free weekend 

If your state participates in a tax-free weekend, you have an even greater opportunity to save during back to school season! While some states' tax-free weekends took place earlier in the year and have already come and gone, many are happening during late July and early August. Each state offers specific products without sales tax under a maximum value. Products range from clothes to shoes to electronics, so you don't want to miss out on the discounts on back to school essentials. Not sure when, or if, your state will be holding a tax-free weekend? Here are the tax-free weekends coming up just in time for back to school shopping! 

  • Arkansas: August 7-8 

  • Connecticut: August 15-21 

  • Florida: July 31- August 9 

  • Iowa: August 6-7 

  • Maryland: August 8-14

  • Massachusetts: August 14-15 

  • Mississippi: There are two tax-free weekends coming up, July 30-31 and August 27-29. 

  • Missouri: August 6-8 

  • New Mexico: August 6-8

  • Ohio: August 6-8 

  • Oklahoma: August 6-8 

  • South Carolina: August 6-8 

  • Tennessee: July 30-August 5 

  • Texas: August 6-8 

  • Virginia: August 6-8

  • West Virginia: July 30-August 2