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Recently Expired Peapod Coupons & Promotion Codes

Sometimes these Peapod coupons can still work after they expire.

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Top Peapod Online Deals & Discount Codes for October 2021


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Peapod Coupon: $59 off Your Order

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Save $25 off Sitewide at Peapod

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Save $25 off First Business Order at Peapod

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Peapod Discount: Save with Weekly Specials


Useful tips and information

Peapod Deal

Looking for an online grocery store that's always stocked with fresh, organic food? The friendly drivers at Peapod deliver your groceries whenever you need them. Peapod's virtual shelves are full of seasonal vegetables, cuts of grass-fed meat, fresh berries, and much more. Use a Peapod promo code to enjoy a healthy discount on healthy groceries today.

FAQs - Frequently asked questions about Peapod coupon codes

Which groceries does Peapod give out coupons for?

It's easy to save on your favorite food items with Peapod's coupon codes and these other deals:

  • Peapod discount codes for vegetables: save $15-$25 off of organic broccoli

  • Peapod coupons for meat: take up to $25 off ground beef.

  • Peapod promotions to save on snacks: get up to $35 off your first order of cookies and other tasty treats.

How do I redeem a Peapod promo code at checkout?

If this is your first time redeeming a Peapod promo code, then follow these steps to save:

  1. Enter your delivery zip code in the search bar.

  2. Pick out all of your groceries.

  3. Find a suitable Peapod discount code to use.

  4. Enter your Peapod code on the delivery confirmation page.

How do I troubleshoot a Peapod promo code that isn't working?

  • If this is your first time shopping at Peapod, then make sure your code isn't for returning customers only.

  • Has this Peapod coupon's expiration date passed?

  • Is this Peapod coupon only for certain food items?

  • See if your code has a minimum order requirement attached.

Can I ever combine Peapod promo codes together?

There's a strict limit of one Peapod code per order. However, there's no restriction on using your code to get an extra discount off of food that's already on sale. Therefore, you can combine coupons with Peapod's bundle deals and weekly specials.

The best Peapod online deals and offers

The Peapod sale section

Peapod sales happen every week, and these sales are typically centered around seasonal vegetables. Every so often, you can catch a Peapod clearance sale on snacks. During the summer months, keep your eyes out for Peapod deals on hot dogs and steaks for grilling. Also, look for deals on turkey around Thanksgiving.

Free shipping at Peapod

Grocery orders over $60 automatically qualify for free delivery from Peapod. There's a small delivery charge if your order is under $60, but you can sometimes eliminate this fee by using a Peapod coupon code. Whenever you're placing a small order, check our list to see if we have any codes for free shipping from Peapod.

Peapod military discount

Unfortunately, Peapod doesn't appear to offer any military discounts. However, veterans and active-duty soldiers can always use our Peapod coupons to save. Along with our coupons, Peapod's weekly sales can help you save too. If anybody on our team hears about a Peapod military discount, we'll send you an update with the details.

Cashback deals and rebates at Peapod

Sadly, it's very difficult to find any Peapod cashback deals directly. With that said, Peapod does partner with several credit card providers to offer cashback incentives during certain parts of the year. We'll keep you updated on whether or not Peapod decides to offer their own cashback rewards program.

Peapod student discounts

We haven't ever seen a Peapod student discount program. Fortunately, they do have some student-friendly sales throughout the year. Look for markdowns on popular snacks during June, July, and the early weeks of August. Don't be surprised to find extra sales during spring break and Christmas break too.

Peapod sign-up offer

Peapod's sign-up offer gives you $25 off of your first two orders. When you sign up to receive Peapod newsletter coupons, you'll be automatically prompted to create your first order. You don't have to place an order immediately, but the sign-up discount codes are only good for a limited time.

The Peapod rewards program

Peapod's rewards program changes regularly. All Peapod memberships used to come with same-day pickup options and extra coupons for groceries only. However, Peapod has been progressively expanding their loyalty program to include more rewards for shopping at partner stores.

Peapod promo codes for first orders

You can double your savings with Peapod's promo codes for first orders. As a new customer, you get a discount of up to $25 on both of your first two delivery orders. If each of these orders is over $60, then they both qualify for free shipping too.

Peapod coupons for returning customers

After you place your first delivery order, you'll start receiving Peapod coupons for returning customers. These coupons change each week, but they always help you save on a variety of food items. As you order more and more groceries, you'll receive more and more coupons.