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Sometimes these goPuff coupons can still work after they expire.

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Top goPuff Online Deals & Discount Codes for May 2023


goPuff coupon criteria

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goPuff Coupon: $8 off

Valid until further notice


Save 25% off Student Discount with this Coupon



Get $20 off Your First 2 Orders with this Promo Code

Valid until further notice


Save $15 off First 3 Orders + Free Delivery at goPuff

Valid until further notice


Up to $10 off First 5 Orders Plus Free Shipping with the Latest Offers at goPuff



goPuff Coupon: $10 off Your First 2 Orders



Up to $5 off your First 2 Orders with the Latest Offers at goPuff

Valid until further notice


Redeem this Code from goPuff: Free Shipping



Get Get Groceries Delivered in 30 Minutes of Less

Valid until further notice

Useful tips and information

goPuff Deal
Store name Discounts Availability
AvailabilityDiscount Amount
Free shipping-
Student discount-
Military discount-
Birthday discounts-
Newsletter coupon-
Seasonal sales-
Rewards members discount-
New customer coupons10% off first purchase
Social media promo codes-
Referral programFree delivery, Puff points
App savings-
Price matching-

How to apply your Gopuff coupon code

Follow these instructions to use your Gopuff promo code:

  • Pick the promo code that will save you the most money.

  • Go to the checkout page after adding all your desired purchases to your cart.

  • Log in to your account and fill-in the address and other fields.

  • Insert your Gopuff promo code into the "discount code" section.

  • Click "apply" to receive your discount.

Questions to ask if your coupon code is not working

  • Do you notice any extra or omitted characters? Even a blank space can cause problems.

  • Has the Gopuff coupon you selected expired?

  • Are you satisfying any minimum overall criteria if there are any?

  • Are you certain that the discount code you selected doesn't only apply to one product or one category?

What to do when no coupons are online

  • Try the expired Gopuff promo codes from our page. Some of these might still be in operation.

  • Sign up for our newsletter to be alerted when new coupons become available.

  • Explore alternative delivery services on our website that sell comparable goods and give discount coupons.

Stacking coupons

You can only use one Gopuff coupon at a time. It is crucial to choose the coupon code that will save you the most money because of this. Additionally, you can enter coupons that are specific to a given category and make a variety of purchases.

In-store coupons

On Gopuff, promo codes may be applied to purchases made in physical stores. You can use their system to enter a promo code to save money on your purchases at the time of sale. Also, you can make purchases using Gopuff printable coupons. To find them, go to the deals section of their website.

The best Gopuff online deals and offers

New customer coupons

If you're using Gopuff for the first time, you might be qualified for a discount. Although we were unable to locate a Gopuff new customer coupon that was currently valid, first-time users frequently receive a discount as soon as they enter their phone numbers.

Existing customer coupons and discounts

Although Gopuff existing customer coupons may not be frequently available, long-time puffers can still save with regular Gopuff promo codes and discounts. Also, remember to shop around the holidays as there are frequent savings available.

Save with order pickup

Even though Gopuff has many physical locations, Gopuff order pickup might not always be possible. It’s always worth a shot, especially if you're close by. Otherwise, you might get a Gopuff promo code for free delivery to save on your order.

Free delivery conditions

On occasion, you can get discounts and promotions that include free delivery from Gopuff. Just check our page to see if any are now active. No limitations have been seen thus far. Remember that there can be additional delivery charges for things like alcohol and tobacco.

Newsletter coupon

As there isn't a Gopuff newsletter, you can't take advantage of a Gopuff newsletter coupon just yet. However, if you want to stay up to speed with the business's most recent activities, you may locate the "Blog" and "Newsroom" sections on their website.

Signing up for the rewards program

A subscription program called Gopuff Fam offers free delivery on all orders, the removal of regulated product service costs, as well as other benefits. Although it costs $5.95/month, we don't consider it a Gopuff Rewards membership program because using it earns you extra Puff points that can be utilized for future savings.

Seasonal sales

While you can find weekly savings under a permanent sale area called "Clearance Week," here are some Gopuff deals and seasonal specials to keep in mind:

  • Black Friday sale: As of right now, we are not aware of any Gopuff Black Friday deals. Around Black Friday and Cyber Monday, keep an eye on their website to see if there are any deals you can take advantage of.

  • Public holiday sales: If you plan to shop around the holidays, Gopuff holiday sales on days like Memorial Day, Independence Day, etc. may allow you to save money. For additional details about forthcoming event sales, keep checking this page.

Referral program

The Gopuff referral program enables customers to share a code for a referral discount on their first order. If the code is used within 30 days, the referrer will receive a referral discount as a credit to their Gopuff account.

Accepted payment methods

The Gopuff payment methods offered are numerous. Due to their acceptance of all significant credit and debit cards, including Maestro, Maestro UK, American Express, AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB, they simplify the entire procedure. PayPal is another payment option. If you're making purchases using the app, you can also use Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Venmo.

Purchasing gift cards

By entering "gift card" in the search field, you may buy a Gopuff gift card quickly and easily. There are $5, $10, $20, and $50 digital gift cards available. The digital card will be immediately provided to your account when you finish the transaction, where you can quickly share it with anybody you like.

App savings opportunities

The Gopuff app just underwent a facelift. You can now find what you're looking for, learn about products, and make wiser choices about goods that suit your needs. Both the iTunes Store and Google Play Market offer the app for download. Customers who use the app get free delivery and $10 off their first three orders.

Social media promo codes

There aren't any Gopuff social media promo codes available right now. Moreover, Gopuff does not offer any unique influencer discount codes. You can still follow Gopuff on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to get updates on any upcoming promotions.

Order cancellations and refunds

Even if your Gopuff order has already been sent out for delivery, you can still ask to receive a Gopuff order cancellation. You are assured a full refund under the Gopuff return policy but be aware that the retailer levies a $20 non-refundable restocking fee on returned items.

This is what a typical goPuff coupon looks like

Take a look at these special coupons released during the last year.

How much you can save

Your discount at goPuff can get as high as 50% by applying the right promo code.

The more popular an offer is, the more tempting it may be for you. Many took advantage of this promotion: "Redeem this Code from goPuff: Free Shipping".

GoPuff allows you to save big even in normal circumstances. Your average savings are 43% with a coupon code.

Possible new customer bonus

If you are using goPuff for the first time, you may enjoy some exclusive treatment because 41 percent of coupons are limited to new customers.

These are the striking opportunities you don't want to miss

13 different promo codes were offered by goPuff throughout last year. Also worth mentioning are the four additional offers, some of which involved bargains of up to $30.

Five coupons offered in March

Our advice for planning in advance is that if you want to home in on a good time to save, your choice should be March. According to our data, this is when the most coupons are available.