Bringing in the summer - the best of the Memorial Day sales

How to make the most of the Memorial Day sales 

Memorial Day, this year landing on Monday, 25 May, is the unofficial start of the Great American Summer – a time of renewal, both nationally and in the home.

Accompanying that sense of renewal are the inevitable – and brilliant – Memorial Day sales, when Americans across the country spruce up their home with new furniture and new appliances to mark the beginning of summer. In honor of that, we’ve brought together all the best Memorial Day weekend sales and deals for you, so you can make the most of your early summer greenbacks.

All the best Memorial Day deals

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Decking out your home and garden in the Memorial Day furniture sales

As usual, the Memorial Day sales this year are going to come with an excellent furniture offering. Which is just as well, because, if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably a whole heap of crusty old (potentially rusty) garden furniture that needs replacing in time for the summer heat. BBQs, swing seats, outdoor tables, you should be able to pick up most everything you need. The best Memorial Day furniture sales are usually at:

New blender, anyone? Where to find the best Memorial Day appliance sales

You might be spotting a theme here. Along with furniture, TVs, computers (and later, spoiler alert, mattresses), another classic Memorial Day sale category is home appliances, with hundreds of staples as well as out-there items available at reduced prices. It’s an ideal time to pick up anything really, but given it’s summer, there are a few things you might want to focus your search on – we’d recommend getting your hands on a new fridge (summer is not the time for a breakdown), and potentially a home coffee maker, so you can brew yourself some iced coffee on the hot summer mornings. The best places to go? For our money, it’s:

It’s probably time to freshen up your mattress this Memorial Day

The final part of any home renovation should be a new mattress. We all hang on to our mattresses for too long – in fact, according to some studies, thousands of people are sleeping on mattress that are more than 40 years old(!) – and it’s badly affecting all our sleeping lives, with Americans sleeping, on average, pretty poorly. So, unless you’re one of the lucky ones who only recently purchased a beautiful, smooth memory foam comforter, then it might be time to make use of the Memorial Day sales and grab a new one. Where to go? For us, it’s a choice between two big hitters:

The best Memorial Day sales TV deals

Sadly, what with the Coronavirus, we’re probably all going to be spending a little more time inside this summer than we’d like to. Which also means more time watching TV. Because of that, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got a good one lined up, and the Memorial Day sales are a really good opportunity to get a nice TV at a good price. We’d recommend checking out Samsung – who have a wide range of smart TVs at the moment – as well as Best Buy, who stock almost every brand out there, usually at extremely reasonable prices.

Where to find the best Memorial Day sales on laptops

As with TVs, this summer under lockdown is also likely to mean quite a lot more time spent on the internet – Zoom calling with friends and family; gaming; streaming your favorite shows. So you’re going to want to upgrade your laptop. Thankfully, as per usual, the Memorial Day sales on laptops in particular are going to be strong this year. For kitting out your home office, HP, Dell and Newegg have all got great offers, and all will be worth checking out nearer the time.